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Healing Through the Akashic Records

We spend time every day pondering things like our wants, our desires, our needs, our should do’s and could be’s. They roll around in our mind, multiplying and expanding, eventually becoming great fantasies or critical self-judgements. Why does this happen?

The simple truth is: Thoughts do not turn into change without ACTION.

But, how can we know what actions to take?

Take a journey with your Soul to find out! During this Healing Through the Akashic Records experience you’ll learn to allow your Soul to hold your hand through the process of sorting out your challenges and prioritizing your intentions. You’ll recognize the opportunity to narrow all of the small thought details that stream steadily in your mind down to one single, high-priority focus. What would it be like to shed all of the foggy, distorted perceptions that have posed obstacles to taking action?

Let’s create powerful yet appropriate movement – change that you can immediately bring into your day to day living.

Don’t wait any longer to harness your thoughts and progress in the direction your Soul yearns to go!

Join Melanie A. Wood, Advanced Practitioner of Akashic Records Readings, in a group experience that can take your healing journey beyond your current level and into supportive and nurturing reconciliation with yourself.

What are the Akashic Records? A realm of consciousness that holds infinite amounts of wisdom about the Soul’s journey – past, present and future. When we access this realm healing and transformation can occur from the point of view of the Soul!

In a group? Yes! We are all catalysts for learning through each other and our shared experience!

What this looks like:

1) You can lie down or sit in a chair for this experience. Bring your yoga mat and any props you need to be completely relaxed and comfortable.

2) Melanie will greet the group and offer some preliminary instruction and context.

4) Next, Melanie will guide you through accessing your Akashic Records. We will be using the Pathway Prayer Process as presented by Linda Howe. While in the Records Melanie will offer a meditation intended to inspire healing and transformation around “Intentional Action”.

5) Steps for integrating appropriate individualized action into your present life will also be included!

6) After closing your Akashic Records there will be opportunity for sharing a few sentences about what stood out to you and what action you intend to take.

Ready to get started? Email to begin your registration process. Cost to participate is $30.

Questions? Melanie is happy to chat with you. Please do not hesitate to call her at (607) 591-2302 or email

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