Postural Assessments and
Energetic Body Reading


The postural assessment  process involves an in-depth postural assessment and the testing of specific joint range of motion and muscle strength. In addition, I will look at breathing patterns and other aspects of energy in the body. We will engage in a non-judgemental discussion of your beliefs and personals needs. Through this, we will create a specific set of postures and therapeutic movements, breathing techniques, and awareness and meditation tools to help you find a way to achieve your health goals. These sessions are appropriate for everyone. No Yoga experience is required.

An optional Energetic Body Reading can also be included. This involves a "read" of your subtle energetic anatomy and can provide insight into how energetic imbalances, in the form of blocks, excesses and deficiencies, are impacting your psychology and physiology.

Sessions Length: 1hr

Cost: $70

By Appointment Only.
Contact Nicole at to set up an appointment.