If you feel that a personal yoga class is a good fit for you, contact Nicole to schedule an appointment: stumpfyoga@gmail.com or 973-769-2739.

The first appointment will take 1.5hrs and includes: An initial postural and breath assessment, an energetic body read, and a recommended yoga practice based on observations.

 All following sessions can be scheduled for 1, 1.5, or 2 hours and will consist of a sequence of yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, and a guided relaxation specific to your needs. You will receive recommendations for a home practice, if interested. 

Rate: $70/hr



Nicole helps her students to recognize the tools they already possess, the wholeness they already are, and the wonder that has always been available to them. The practices she works to instill in her students through movement and deep curiosity are those that can never be taken away, and can always be used in any situation to the benefit of the individual and the world at large: patience, focus, compassion, humor, vitality, stillness, strength, joy. -Caroline Manring, student since 2010, Ithaca, NY

I find peace in our sessions and it helps me take care of my being in a neutral setting…She has a special way to control the flow of the class so it is never too challenging and never repetitive (truly), just perfect…Her talent as a teacher helps the student have a deeper, inner understanding the principles of what they are doing in class (not just “imitating some difficult poses”). - Murillo Campello, student since 2011 Ithaca, NY

Each class with Nicole is an immensely rich yoga tapestry.  She brings to each class her thorough knowledge of muscle groups and how the body moves; she brings an astonishing diversity of yoga asanas or exercises as well as the Sanskrit name for each of them, and she brings a profound wisdom about the mind-body connection that one might expect in a Buddhist monk twice her age. - John Dennis, student since 2010