Guided Meditations


Deep Breathing -12 min

This guided meditation teaches you how to practice a foundational yogic breathing exercise known as Three-Part Breath, or Dirgha Pranayama. This simple yet tremendously beneficial exercise will show you how regulating the breath can support emotional balance, mental clarity, and physical relaxation. Once you learn how to breathe in this style, you can weave it into your day-to-day activities to help you stay alert, relaxed, energized, and focused.


Body Scan- 12.5 min

Moving your awareness through the body engages and calms the nervous system.  When you consciously move your awareness through the body in a non-critical and intentional way, you give yourself a subtle, energetic healing massage while simultaneously improving your power of concentration.  A daily body scan practice offers balance and rejuvenation amidst the noise and confusion of life.

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Yoga Nidra- 30 min

Yoga nidra is the practice of consciously exploring the unconscious. It can be used to facilitate a smooth transition into sleep, if that is what the body/mind most needs. It can also be used (as was originally intended) to cultivate the ability to stay awake, while consciously guiding the body and mind into a sleep-like state.  Set your intention for either option before beginning the practice.

Yoga Nidra impacts us at the level of the nervous system. Benefits include: 

- Cultivating a state of effortless, unwavering alertness and concentration

- Bringing to the surface core beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world 

- Healing physical and emotional wounds from traumatic life events

- Deepening our ability to directly perceive ourselves and the present moment

- Enjoying experiences such as clarity, presence, relaxation, emotional balance, access to insights, and healing.