Yoga Class Descriptions

Drop-Ins are Welcome Anytime
Yoga Mats are Provided

Let Teachers know how your body is doing today.

Communication is very important to create a safe environment here at KPR. Please let the teacher know of any physical conditions you may have. Prone to dizziness, glaucoma, carpal tunnel, recent injury? Let the teacher know so that can modify class as needed and keep the space safe.

Kundalini Yoga w/ Elisa Leone: Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, breath, and chanting to elevate the spirit, energize the body and relax the mind. Each class stands alone and is suitable for all levels of fitness. Kundalini Yoga is for “Every Body.”

Restorative Recharge w/ Dana Penman: This series rejuvenates your nervous system and balances a busy lifestyle.  Each class will utilize props to assist with gentle and extended postures, and gravity will assist in further opening up the body. Beginners and advanced practitioners will benefit from pressing the reset button with these deeply relaxing and restorative classes. 

Included in the series will be a short tutorial that introduces you to the props, modifications, language, and pose types used throughout the series.  The series will be comprised of full body restorative sessions for the front body and back body.  Physiologically, the slow and gentle pace of each practice will help you shift from the "fight or flight response of the sympathetic nervous system to the restorative "reset and digest" response of the parasympathetic nervous system.  This relaxation of the body is assisted through extended holds that give you plenty of time and space to open the body and clear the mind. 

By nourishing the body with this restorative practice, you will leave your mat feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready to approach the rest of your day.

Yoga Flow w/ Paula (Wednesday evenings):
This class will be for all levels including beginners. It is an easy to follow flow of postures, with an emphasis on alignment and breath.  We will focus on stretching the body while gaining flexibility, balance and strength.Modifications and variations are offered to increase or decrease the intensity of the class. 

Forrest Inspired Yoga w/ Lauren Shaw:
Wondering if Forrest Yoga brings you deep into the forest? That might be fun to try some day, but Sunday 9:00 AM classes take place right at the KPR studio and we practice the yoga created by Ana Forrest (rr). Due to suffering from chronic pain and injury, as well as negative habit energies, Ana Forrest created her own healing approach to Yoga and has been teaching it around the globe for years. She combines the traditional form with new poses and sequencing that in addition to developing strength, flexibility and balance also address specific stresses on our bodies perpetuated by our contemporary lifestyle (i.e. overuse of some muscles and under use of others). You do not need to have experience with Forrest Yoga to take class on Sunday mornings at KPR, your curiosity and willingness to work with your own body are enough. Come join us.

Align and Shine w/ Bonnie:
Replenish your energy and awaken your inner guidance with a mellow practice that includes moving and flowing postures, strengthening, and relaxation while connecting through the breath. This is a perfect way to start your day!